Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a key facet of an integrated and holistic marketing plan.? It’s become one of the most important channels for marketers and businesses around the world because it has the power to reach consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel, nurturing them from one stage to the next. From generating awareness, all the way to conversion, smart marketers can use digital advertising to drive revenue.

Why choose Media Place Partners?

Experience & Knowledge
Over nearly two decades, Media Place Partners has built a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital advertising. From our Senior Management who’ve been here since day one to our 40+ person staff, the MPP team is both seasoned and knowledgeable.
Our reach covers over 90% of the online population. This incredible reach allows MPP to find nearly any audience, at scale. Every inventory source is subject to a rigorous vetting process that brings our clients only the best-in-class providers. MPP delivers amazing value by coupling our reach with your audience and objectives.
Fraud Protection
All MPP campaigns enjoy several layers of fraud protection from top-tier providers like MOAT. Our comprehensive approach delivers more real traffic to your campaigns and keeps our non-human percentage at rates well below the MOAT benchmark of 3.1%.
Team Dedication
All clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a team dedicated to their needs. The MPP team is 100% in-house on the ground in our Grand Rapids, Michigan HQ. From planning and account management, to optimization and data analysis, the team at MPP is ready to help you win in digital advertising.
MPP believes transparency is critical to creating strong long-term partnerships. We deliver the straight info on: commission rates, targeting, inventory, data, viewability, non-human traffic, and more.
Every MPP digital advertising campaign receives daily hands-on optimization from our team of Account Managers.? Using data from our Analysis team, our experts are hard at work each day, monitoring performance, identifying trends, and looking for methods to improve your campaigns ROI.??
See the results of your campaign with our state-of-the-art reporting system. Impression, click, conversion, creative data and more are all at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. With a single login you’ll see all your MPP campaign stats in one easy to use interface. Need more? Customized reporting options are always available.

Digital Channels

Access to 97% of the world’s countries, nearly any website in existence, and billions of impressions per day across:

Digital Tactics

Media Place Partners employs an ever-changing set of tactics to reach your ideal audience, then backs it up with data from providers you know and trust.

  • Affinity
  • Behavior
  • Conquesting
  • Contextual
  • CRM Bridge
  • Echo
  • Geo-Fencing
  • In-Feed
  • In-Market
  • Look-Alike
  • Profile Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Topics
  • Whitelist

Reporting & Analytics

MPP delivers next day access to combined reporting for all your media buys, both digital and traditional. See all the relevant data points in one easy to use interface.

  • Next day results
  • 24/7 access
  • Single login for all your stats

When campaigns end, you’ll get a complete campaign post-flight report we call a D-Brief. You’ll see what worked, what needs work, and what to do next. It’s analytics with actionable insights from our top experts.