Traditional Advertising

Some say that traditional advertising is old media. At MPP we like to think of it as tried and true. Because billboards, print ads, and radio spots have reached consumers for years, there’s a built in element of trust in traditional media. Trust is good business.

Media Place Partners’ roots are in traditional media. Yes, we have teams dedicated to new media like digital advertising, but we’ll never forget where we came from. On its own, or integrated into a holistic advertising plan with digital media, traditional advertising has a role to play in your marketing mix. The pros at MPP will help you discover that role and execute flawlessly.

Why choose Media Place Partners for Traditional Advertising?


MPP has deep roots in traditional advertising.? It’s where we got our start and we continue to have a passion for it today.? Our team of media planners, media buyers, and support staff are experts in traditional media formats like radio, tv, billboards, print, transit and more. Having been in the business for years means we have the relationships and leverage to deliver top notch results, every time.?


By managing millions upon millions in media spend, MPP has more flexibility and influence with buyers across the board. That equates to more value and better performance for your media spend.


Media Place Partners is the one stop shop for advertising. We handle all the vendors, place all the buys, manage all the execution, and deliver comprehensive reporting. You’ll save loads of time when you choose Media Place Partners, and still get the results you demand.


What’s the big deal with being independent?? There are larger media buyers, but they aren’t independent. They are owned by businesses that in turn have media properties to sell you. When they do, they’ll make more profit. That’s not the case with MPP, we’re privately owned, and do not own or operate any media properties. Our only focus is delivering the right media mix, regardless of where it comes from.?

Traditional Channels

It’s been said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. At Media Place Partners, we know the channels AND we know the vendors. We’re 100% independent, have the right relationships already in place, and a depth of media knowledge second to none. When you choose Media Place Partners for traditional advertising, you will save time, and you will get more value from your media buys across channels like these:

Traditional Tactics

The right tactics can make the difference between a campaign that works, and a campaign that crushes it. The experts at Media Place Partners not only know what media to buy and the right tactics to use, but how to execute to perfection. Combined with data from partners like Oracle, Experian, Nielsen, and Scarborough, MPP delivers scalable data-driven solutions that meet your customers where they are.

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Televison
  • Terrestrial Radio
  • Internet Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Arena
  • Guerilla
  • Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Co-Op
  • Transit
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade

Traditional Benefits

  • Low “CPM’s”
  • Top of the funnel / awareness
  • Immediate scale – “Super Bowl effect”
  • Strong brand building capabilities
  • Full-focus placements
  • Wider audience penetration
  • Trusted media association